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  • Hanging on - Denton Record Chronicle
    Denton Record ChronicleHanging onDenton Record ChronicleHe's a modern psychic who claims that his power comes to him as a manifestation of a visual scene that appears in his mind. Jacobs sent ... Stubblefield says one of Misty's jobs was to watch his house while he was working out of town. He was worried ...
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  • The strange case of the two Cassadagas - Buffalo News
    Buffalo NewsThe strange case of the two CassadagasBuffalo NewsSmeragliuolo is protective of Lily Dale's reputation as a home to spiritualist mediums who take their religion seriously and have completed years of study. He has not been to the Florida Cassadaga, ... but says you might wait weeks for an answer. The ...
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    Salt Lake TribuneFelicia Day: Find the courage to love what makes you differentSalt Lake TribuneWhen Day was growing up in the South, she was home schooled and wasn't exposed "to a lot of different things," which made her "anxious encountering new things and putting myself out there," she said. But in time, she found the courage "to create, no ...
  • How 'American Sniper' is being misunderstood - WISN Milwaukee
    WISN MilwaukeeHow 'American Sniper' is being misunderstoodWISN MilwaukeeAnd as in his Oscar-winning "Unforgiven," Hall and Eastwood -- who has said he opposed the invasion of Iraq -- seem less interested in glorifying the act of killing than in exploring the psychic toll it takes on the men who do it. "The cost is man, the ...
  • Appreciation: Unique and beloved, Joe Franklin was TV's unlikeliest legend -
    NorthJersey.comAppreciation: Unique and beloved, Joe Franklin was TV's unlikeliest his favorite psychic (Kreskin) and his favorite salad ingredient. But I came home from work the following day to dozens of telephone messages, including two from people I hadn't seen or heard from in years. “Saw you on the Franklin show! Great job!”.
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    Buffalo NewsDeborah Voigt, 'Call Me Debbie: True Confessions of a Down-To-Earth Diva'Buffalo News“On my nights off.” She talks about singing Isolde as if it's a nine-to-five job. Of course, to her it is a job. And opera mavens will enjoy Voigt's behind-the-scenes experiences – fights over rehearsals, costumes, tips on singing and acting that she ...and more »
  • Will Sprott Of The Mumlers Releases First Full-Length Solo Record, 'Vortex ... - Silicon Valley's Metro
    Silicon Valley's MetroWill Sprott Of The Mumlers Releases First Full-Length Solo Record, 'Vortex ...Silicon Valley's MetroHe creates a spooky atmosphere on “Psychic Lady,” a song with a propulsive beat, which recalls “Coffin Factory” from the 2009 Mumlers release, Don't Throw Me Away. ... “Everybody's got a job,” he sings. “I'm going to do my job. When you are through ...

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Are you really Psychic?


Think you have the gift of authentic intuition and sensitivity to the thoughts, dreams and destinies of the the people around you? Want to parlay those well honed skills into a solid income and employment opportunity - all from the comfort of your own home? Sound too good to be true? Well - as I'm sure you probably already know ( you ARE psychic now, aren't you..;-) there are a plethora of legitimate opportunities for people like you to work from home, with nothing more than a phone, keyboard and your psychic sensitivities to keep you company!


There are a number of viable online options to evaluate: However, first, you really have to be honest with yourself and even practice with others before looking into this option. You do not want to start a job if you are not really psychic. Clients will know right away and you will only embarass yourself along with not keeping the job for very long.


Once you are comfortable with your ability you should decide what your specialty is. If you are more accurate using tarot cards than go with that - if you use numerology- that should be how you advertise yourself.


Next you need to gain your clients respect and keep them coming back. You will need to be very comfortable with giving advice in a way that people not only trust, but feel comfortable in hearing and acting on. If you have to tell them bad news - you will need to do so in a caring, even careful way. This may come natural to some people - however, if you do not have the best communication skills - you will definitely need to practice before starting your psychic job. Sensitivity does not just apply to what your * spirit guides * may be telling you, it also is a very important component of simple human communication and compassion, qualities that I have occasionally found lacking in psychics I have had to deal with both personally, and professionally.


Now its time to find a business to work for! To do so you can search online or in your local paper. Online is easy - just make sure the company is a respectable one. It's not a bad idea to check with the Better Business Bureau online to ensure there haven't been customer complaints against your potential new employer, either from customers, or the employees themselves. You can also search online directories and quickly identify the sites that are advertising for, and hiring people with genuine psychic or intuitive gifts.


Starting online is helpful especially if you are uncomfortable or not ready to be on the phone with clients. If working over the phone, make sure you stay clear of hotlines. You can even call yourself to see how it works and if you are on hold for longer than a minute - hang up.


Ultimately its up to you to build your practice, but again - if you are talented there are a plethora of avenues for you to pursue working from home (and making a very respectable income ) using your psychic abilities to lend a helping hand to other in need.


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